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Safety above all

“In the complex world of high-risk technologies, there are a myriad of forces competing for time, attention and resources. This is nowhere more true than in the world of modern Military Aviation.”
-Charles Haddon-Cave QC

I believe that Risk Management should be simple; simple to implement, simple to maintain and simple to review. An important aspect of my specialist experience in hazard analysis and risk assessment is the selection of hazards at a level which is useful and supports safety improvement

Implementing a risk management process starts with identifying hazards before assessing and considering their potential consequences.

Then, each hazard is addressed, by analysing and controlling or mitigating the risk level aiming either to reduce the likelihood of a negative outcome or through mitigating its severity.

The next phase is through reporting; documenting assumptions and highlighting weaknesses in defences, keeping the following 2 questions uppermost in my mind:

  1. What keeps us safe?

  2. How do we know we are safe?


The final stage involves monitoring the ALARP position, regularly reviewing hazards and mitigations for effectiveness or escalation; this is a continual improvement exercise. 

I can offer the following dedicated services:

  • Provide guidance to establish, maintain and assure the effectiveness of an Air Safety Management System (ASMS) in accordance with MAA Regulatory Article (RA) 1200.

  • Provide SME input into the hazard identification, controls and barriers connected with all types of test & evaluation activities

  • Conduct Third Party Assurance (3PA) audits to compare and verify that the ASMS meets all the standards or regulations and continues to meet requirements on an ongoing basis.

  • Independent assessment of an organisation’s Engaged Air Safety Culture 


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