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Helicopter Rescue



What is a flight test?

  1. flights for the development phase of a new design (aircraft, propulsion systems, parts and appliances);

  2. flights to demonstrate compliance to certification basis or conformity to type design;

  3. flights intended to experiment new design concepts, requiring unconventional manoeuvres or profiles for which it could be possible to exit the already approved envelope of the aircraft.

My flight test consultation services include:

  • Management and execution of complete flight test programmes from initial requirements to certification and acceptance flights for both civilian and military helicopters, with in-depth understanding of the associated certification specifications

  • Input to and writing of the Trials Management Plan, flight test schedule, test cards, customer report and Trials Risk Assessment

  • Professional, world-leading flight test expertise, oversight and delivery in support of the most complex of programmes

  • Safely-managed flight test programmes that optimise aircraft and systems design, accelerate time to market and ensure regulatory compliance

  • Testing of new concepts of airframe, engine, rotors and equipment

  • Testing of new aircraft or modifications

  • Testing of new operating techniques

  • Certification flight testing for type certification, supplemental type certificates or changes to type certificates

  • Simulator qualification in accordance with MAA MRP RA 2375 

  • Analysing 'black box' data, providing world-class insight into flight test results

  • Civil-Military Certification and regulatory consultation

  • A wealth of operational insight, tactics and procedures gained through serving with the both the British Army and Royal Navy in mountains, desert, NVG, Snow, ships, transport, attack and surveillance roles

I can provide you with a wide range of consulting services such as these.

To find out more, please get in touch.

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