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Expert Guidance

​Having worked in the Aerospace, Defence and flying training sectors for over 2 decades, I can grow your ideas by contributing SME advice and thought leadership at every stage of the procurement cycle.  With an obvious strength in the Aerospace domain, I can contribute to the wider defence Test & Evaluation (T&E) processes too with supporting services in all stages of a project.

Project Definition

Key to the success of a project is the correct identification and translation of end-user wishes into a realistic set of requirements that addresses the capability need. From defining the requirements for several Urgent Operational Requirements to testing UORs for fielding to the frontline operator, I have significant knowledge of how to manage the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders. I can help make this work effectively for you by identifying appropriate stakeholders and agreeing the requirements by:

  • Defining User & System Requirements

  • “War-gaming” in support of Bid Proposal

  • Developing the Aims & Objectives for flight trials

Project Development

Keeping the project on track requires awareness at all times of the initial requirement and the end product, while ensuring all Defence Lines of Development and stakeholders are considered. As they are arguably the final arbiters of success, I strive to ensure the end user is kept informed throughout the development. With my extensive experience of working within Combined Test Teams (CTTs), Industry OEMs and frontline commands, I am able to produce a sensible plan utilising the Integrated Test & Evaluation Plan (ITEAP) process. The major features of my services include:

  • Stakeholder Identification & Management

  • Test & Evaluation Planning, Conduct and Reporting

Project Delivery

From Initial Operating Capability - where the drive to deliver the equipment can sometimes overshadow the needs of the operators - to fielding the equipment, I can help deliver a successful and fully integrated fielding plan including:

  • Aircrew training

  • Simulator modifications

  • Identifying and developing updates to Tactics Techniques & Procedures (TTPs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and aircraft documentation sets.

Wider Defence Assurance

  • Suitably Qualified & Experienced to conduct Independent Technical Evaluations (ITE) under the requirements of the MAA’s Regulatory Article (RA) 1220, as well as in the including Maritime and Land Domains

  • Provide guidance to establish, maintain and assure the effectiveness of an Air Safety Management System (ASMS) in accordance with MAA Regulatory Article (RA) 1200.

  • Provide SME input into the hazard identification, controls and barriers connected with Air, Land & Maritime test & evaluation activities.

  • Conduct Third Party Assurance (3PA) audits to compare and verify that the ASMS meets all the standards or regulations and continues to meet requirements on an ongoing basis.

  • Independent assessment of an organisation’s Engaged Safety Culture 

Other services

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Aviation-related Expert witness

  • Civil-Military Certification and regulatory consultation

Given the nature of the work that is being undertaken, I am very comfortable working in secure or restricted domains – including ITAR regulations – and hold a BPSS (SC) clearance.

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