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Civilian Test Pilot Instructor rating (EASA)
Military Test Pilot Instructor certificate (CFS)
H125, A109E and Bell 412EP type-rated  
In-depth understanding of student types, instructional styles and the experience to adapt to the needs of the student.
Threat error managament and countermeasures
Familiar with DSAT and military training environments

​I hold an EASA Flight Test Instructor Rating, having gained my experience at the Empire Test Pilots’ School. I instructed on several different types, including most recently, the H125, A109E and Bell 412EP.  All of the classroom instruction was delivered to UK MoD’s DSAT model and CAA standards for an ATO.

Development of Judgment & Decision-making

The methods of teaching a test pilot / engineer student are very similar to all other flight training.  Where it differs greatly, however, is in developing the student’s ability to rapidly appreciate their own performance in relation to a specific task; a trait that is unique to test pilots and is honed over their entire careers.  

Although an ability to fly accurately is important – a speed tolerance of +-1kt in some performance testing is required – the ability to think about the aircraft’s response, flying qualities and information it is giving the pilot at a particular time combined with the pilot’s actions, feedbacks and interpretations of that information are far greater assets for the student to learn.  With over a decade of instructing flight test techniques, I apply coaching or mentoring skills to develop the student’s progress towards gaining their privileged flight test professional status

I love working with people having a wide range of experience and diverse cultural backgrounds. It was extremely humbling, therefore, to have received the Wren Trophy at the annual graduation dinner McKenna Dinner in December 2019 awarded by the students to the member of staff who made their experience more enjoyable. With this accolade marking the pinnacle of my instructing career so far, I look forward to serving many more professionals going forward. 

I can provide the following consulting services:

  • Ground instruction of all RW Performance, Handling and systems syllabus modules, including ad-hoc or temporary / relief cover

  • Airborne instruction of all associated test techniques

  • Principles of test management and risk and safety managements including the principles and methods applicable to the certification activity, as well as safety assessments

  • Constructing, review and optimisation of customer flight test reports

  • LMS and training delivery design advice

  • Safety management system advice for ATOs

Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how I can help your training delivery.

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