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January 2018

As one of the ‘Big 4’ test pilot schools in the world – and the first – the Empire Test Pilots’ School had remained essentially unchanged in method and objectives since its inception in 1943. However, changes to student learning, customer requirements, fewer new aircraft to test, new systems and weapons and the introduction of formalised qualifications, pointed to the need for a bespoke, requirements-driven set of courses.

In this project I contributed my training expertise and T&E knowledge to a small team tasked with designing the courseware.  By employing the most up-to-date teaching and learning methods, I ensured the 50 or so syllabus modules were designed to enable a progressive T&E career path from evaluator, through systems and developmental work, to experimental flying. At the same time, I ensured that we were meeting the unique requirements of the MOD and the CAA in respect of training methods and delivery.

In under a year the TAT team completely re-wrote the future of T&E flight training, unravelling 75 years of ground-breaking test methods into a modern, modular and future-proof course that I was proud to have helped ETPS achieve for their customers – my frontline kin.



March 2018

With this project, I pioneered the integration of the Airbus H125 into the QinetiQ Flying Organisation.
Together with a Flight Test Engineer, I planned and conducted a test campaign involving over 100hrs of ground and air flight evaluation, creating 20 new Air Training Organisation syllabus modules by exploring the helicopter’s envelope and analysing the results. The project – which included design and delivery of all associated training material, the aircraft document set and SOPs - went from first flight to fully integrated in 9 months - with no safety issues.

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